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Welcome to Sheet metal roofing
Manufacturer and supplier of Sheet Metal Roofing & Industrial Cladding.
We are a family run business that manufacture all your sheet metal roofing, corrugated steel and cladding needs, including box profile, plastic coated sheets (plastisol), composite panels, purlins, flashings and trims, and a complete range fixing screws and bolts to assemble the system. This may be used to form roofs – down to 4° pitch (6° if roof lights are required) – and walls. The kit includes a full range of spacers, fixings, sealants, guttering, flashings, Z purlin and clear roof lights. Small orders are welcome and products are normally supplied from stock or delivered within 3 days.
Sheet Metal Roofing, cladding or box profile or wiggly tin as it is other wise known is used to cover the exterior of buildings in both industrial agricultural and also in some domestic situations.  We manufacture corrugated sheet metal roofing in both box profiles and corrugated formats. as well as galvanised. You may know this product as wiggly tin, corrugated iron, wriggy tin or crinkly tin.

Product Information: Sheet Metal Roofing.
What thickness/ Gauges do you require?  generally 0.7mm is used on the roof and 0.5mm on the walls, but if the purlins are close together (or if it is a temporary building) you may be able to use 0.5mm which will offer a cost saving. Alternatively some people use 0.7mm thick on the walls as it is stronger.
What finish do you want?  plain galvanised is the most cost effective, but may not blend in with the surroundings; polyester coated sheet is a cost effective coloured sheet, but care should be taken when putting it up as it can be scratched; plastic coated sheet is very durable and comes in a wide range of colours; PVDF2 is a high performance architectural product available in metallic finishes.
What is the longest length you can take and handle on site?  Sheet Metal Roofing in single length sheets are generally easier and quicker to fix and reducing the number of end laps will the reduce the chance of water ingress. However, longer sheets will require larger vehicles to transport them – will they be able to access the site and have you the necessary equipment to handle long sheets safely on site?
If you are looking for corrugated sheeting, we supply 13/3 profile with 990mm cover width – older corrugated profiles eg. 10/3 or 8/3 have a cover of 762mm (2ft 6”) or 610mm (2ft) so you may require less sheets than you think Box profile sheets are fixed in the troughs not on the crown using self drilling tec screws unless specifically asked for. Corrugated sheeting is fixed on the crowns.
If the building is going to be used for livestock or storage, is condensation going to be an issue?  If yes, consider using box profile or corrugated sheet with the anti condensation lining, but the building will require ventilation at eaves and ridge for this to work and the fixing instructions must be followed. Alternatively consider composite panel or Eternit fibre cement sheeting – these are by far and away the most effective products for reducing the risk of condensation.

What colours do you offer? We offer Sheet Metal Roofing the following colour schemes:
Olive Green
Juniper Green
Gooswing Grey
Slate Grey
Van Dyke Brown
Moorland Green
Ocean Blue
Slate Blue
wedgewood Blue - more colours can be made on request.

Is there a minumum order?
No there is no minimum order, we sell as little as 1 sheet.

Do you deliver?
Yes we deliver nationwide.

Where do you deliver too?
We deliver nationwide.

Sheet Metal Roofing is used for Barns, Garages, Industrial Property, Lean To's, Cattle Sheds, Stables and General Agriculturual use.


About Sheet Metal Roofing.

All structures need a roof, but a roof is more than just a top for a finished building. A roof is actually a system designed to do the following tasks:

  • Direct rainwater into gutters and downspouts for drainage
  • Keep heated and cooled air inside the structure
  • Support rooftop infrastructure (for example, air vents, air conditioning units)
  • Withstand all weather conditions, including wind and hail and sever storms