Tile Effect Plastisol Coated (0.7mm Thick) with Anti-Condensation Coating

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Price from: £ 13.10

Anti-Condensation Sheeting

Condensation is a major factor in buildings and roofing systems. Our 34/1000 Tile Effect roofing sheet applied with the dripstop synthetic material can prevent condensation forming and dripping working in conjunction with good ventilation. This can be applied to plastisol and polyester coatings in our complete colour range.

Lower Temperature Outside


Condensation forming on the steel sheet

Dripping occurs

How it Works:-

The layered synthetic non woven fibre  contains a specific chemical binder which then creates excellent properties for the obsorption of humidity. The Anti-con fibre can absorb over 900 grams of condensation per sq/m until the temperature rises and moisture dissipates naturally. The fibre fleece will dry out and repeat the process if necessary.


Anti-condensation sheets provide a cost effective solution for preventing loss or damaged stored materials/goods. Agricultural buildings used for keeping livestock or breeding are more likely to have a condensation problem with extra humidity created by the animals,  the Anti-Con applied will also help with the noise reduction due to weather conditions on the exterior of the steel sheet but also quite considerably reduces interior noise.

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