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Sheet Metal Roofing is a business founded upon strong morals, to provide fair pricing for products delivered at only the finest quality and durability. In an industry with such few professionals, we are the insulated and galvanised roofing sheets suppliers that you can rely on. We work with individuals and businesses helping them acheive the best prices on their roofing materials.

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Galvanising is a highly effective and economical way of protecting a variety of steel articles, both industrial and commercial, from corrosion. In this process, zinc is deposited onto a steel surface, which creates a layer to protect against corrosion of the steel base that is being coated. Before this zinc deposition, the steel sheets are cleaned with sulphuric acid and fluxed with ammonium chloride. Pre-galvanised steel is a process where steel is galvanised as a sheet, before it is formed into a product and not after the product is created.

Pre-galvanised steel fulfils several commercial and industrial needs. This can be anything from galvanised roofing, siding roofing nails and other fasteners, beams, sidings, utility poles, fencing and a whole lot of general agricultural and industrial components.

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