Stainless Rod Roof Supplies

Specialising in more then just roofing sheets, we can provide you with solutions to your needs for sourcing stainless rods. We provide products we can assure to possess both quality and durability, distributed at a price we consider fair and competitive. Alongside our stainless rod roof supplies, you will see a full portfolio of roofing materials available through the store.

Learn More About Stainless Rods

The Architectural application of stainless steel for roofing, has been extremely successful and at less cost than some other forms of metal roofing. It is a material ideally suited for roofing both low rise and high rise commercial and industrial buildings. For residential applications stainless steel adds a touch of class and beauty to many new architect designed homes, giving the house attractive and permanent protection for many decades. Stainless steel creates a dignity that befits the modern as well as traditional style structures while providing a roof that will remain maintenance free for the life of the building.

The excellent corrosion resistance, durability, high strength and good ductility are ideal properties for roofing and permit thin gauge material to be specified.

If you wish to discuss our selection of stainless rods or alternative roof supplies with a member of the team, you can get in touch via the range of contact methods provided to best suit your schedule and preference