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Sheet Metal Roofing are a recognised name in the roofing industry, primarily cladding sheets manufacturers we provide businesses throughout the country roofing materials at affordable prices. The secret to our success, is simply providing a quality and durable product without the inflated pricing overwhelming the industry market. We are a busienss setup by roofers, with the sole purpose of serving other roofers.

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If you are tired of watching your asphalt shingles fly off in high winds or have been forced to maintain your wood shake roof repeatedly then you should select strong and elegant metal roof cladding for complete protection. A roof made of metal offers high levels of safety and is extremely resistant to corrosion, high winds, and fire.

A metal roof is made up of strong metal that is not only galvanized, but also treated with special polymers that make this material highly resistant to rust and fading. This roofing material is available in several colors and finishes that make it appear like wood, slate, shingles, and tiles from afar.

A roof made of cool metal has good thermal properties, which in turn will begin lowering your energy bills upon installation. You could end up paying around 15 percent less than what you would with a roof made out of other less-lasting materials.

In fact, roofs made out of metal can easily last for up to 50 years, which makes this green material extremely attractive for installation on your roof as well as on your outer walls. The metal used for roofing is also recyclable unlike asphalt shingles that merely clog landfills and keep on polluting long after its 10 year lifecycle is complete.